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Immigration Lawyers in Duisburg / Ruhrgebiet

The law firm Dr Spiekermann Blang mbB was established in 1976. We specialise in immigration law. The area of consultation or representation in court is not limited to Duisburg or the Ruhr area but includes the whole of Germany.

Germany has slowly developed into a country of immigration. Over time many different ways to obtain residency in Germany have become available including, for example, marriage, adoption, language school, study, work, management, research, asylum . There are too many to list here.

We offer you comprehensive support if you wish to get the right of residence in Germany.

We will also defend your interests when you are threatened with deportation, for example because of illegal entry or after receiving a criminal law sentence.

If you have previously been barred from entering Germany (or another Schengen country) we can help you to get this legal prohibition lifted or shortened.

Residence for work purposes, EU Blue Card, Unlimited Residence

If you are planning to pursue a profession in Germany we will advise you about the various legal prerequisites. Different types of residence permit will be available to you, depending on your qualification and income.

Furthermore we offer comprehensive assistance and or advice in getting health insurance including arranging appointments with German embassy.

Visa Requirements

If you need a visa to come to Germany, we can help you obtain one. And we will assist you if the immigration authorities demand that you have a visa before they grant you a residence permit, which is quite often not really in accordance with the German law / overriding European law.

In many cases particular privileged third country national family members of EU citizens, as well as many Turkish applicants and other third country nationals are free from visa requirements or a non visa entrance into Germany can not be sanctioned in any way.

German Citizenship

You can also rely on us when you want to know how to achieve German citizenship (or what to do if you lose it).