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Migrationsrecht.eu is dedicated to reporting on the latest developments in European and German immigration and asylum law. Interest in German immigration and asylum policies outside of Germany has steadily been increasing ever since the recent influx of asylum-seekers and migrants into Germany and Europe began in 2015.

Our objective is to inform legal professionals from other EU countries as well as English-speaking foreigners living in Germany about the German government’s recent policy changes and the recent decisions made by the German courts, which address important legal issues affecting migrants and asylum-seekers. As Germany is bound to uphold EU law, the legal landscape is also subject to ongoing changes taking place at the European level, such as new EU directives and rulings issued by the Court of Justice of the European Union.

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The Court of Justice of the European Union ruled in Joined Cases C-245/21 and C-248/21 of 22.09.2022 that a suspension of the transfer procedure under a Dublin procedure due to the Covid 19 pandemic does not result in an interruption of the six-month transfer period. Once this period has expired, the requesting Member State becomes responsible for examining the asylum application.

The yardstick for the assessment of national protection against deportation pursuant to Section 60 (5) of the Residence Act in conjunction with Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) is basically whether the foreigner Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights is whether the foreigner who is subject to an enforceable obligation to leave the country will be able to meet his or her most basic needs for a foreseeable period of time after his or her return, if necessary by means of return assistance granted to him or her. On the other hand, it is not decisive whether a foreigner's subsistence level is ensured in his country of origin on a sustainable or even permanent basis. This was decided by the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig on April 21, 2022.