Germany refuses to fully implement the directive for EU citizens

Germany has delayed for nine years a mandatory adjustment of the right to free movement of persons in respect of life partners who have entered into a duly certified durable relationship with a Union citizen.

It took an infringement procedure by the European Commission (number 2011/2086) concerning the transposition of Article 3(2) of Directive 2004/38/EC (Directive on the right of EU citizens and their families to move and reside freely within the EU) to persuade the Ministry of the Interior to act. The only frightening thing is that even with the now planned transposition only part of the Union law is to be implemented. Obviously, the Ministry of the Interior follows the motto: What nobody knows does not make me hot! As the staff in the Ministry of Interior do not lack competence - this must be assumed - it can only be intentional if the regulation for de facto life partners is not to be implemented.

It is to be hoped that the Commission will also insist on the implementation of the rights for life partners who have not entered into a legal relationship but only live permanently with an EU citizen.